Last Week Tonight and the FCC

Like many others, I enjoined the Story on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in 2017 regarding the topic of Net Neutrality that ended with the call to send comments to the FCC. Of course, I did use fcc@catchall.

On 6th of March 2019, I received an email addressed to fcc@catchall from a political organisation regarding the “Welcome to Governor Inslee’s climate movement!”

I contacted the sender of this e-mail and also the e-mail service provider that sent out the political e-mail. The Envelope From and RFC822 Header show the sender is a Company named Blue State Digital ( which is located in NYC and Washington, D.C. As usual, of course, I did not receive a response.

As well I contacted HBO, the Team of Last Week Tonight, and contacted two Editors via Linkedin End of March 2019 regarding this issue. Nobody responds et all.

It causes deep concerns – independent what kind of political alliance you prefer – that E-Mail Addresses only used to submit to a government agency like FCC a comment, will later be used for political purposes from Companies and Political Parties.


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