How Kickstarter deal with E-Mail Addresses

On 21th of December, I received an E-Mail with the Sender¬† designed like an Amazon Confirmation E-Mail stating, that I ordered products with a total value of $2,600.… Read more

How Indiegogo deal with E-Mail Adresses

On 14th of September, I received an E-Mail with the Sender asking to Verify my Account Information to be able to continue use Netflix.… Read more

Last Week Tonight and the FCC

Like many others, I enjoined the Story on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in 2017 regarding the topic of Net Neutrality that ended with the call to send comments to the FCC. Of course, I did use fcc@catchall.

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The first data breach I noticed using the CatchAll-E-Mail Adress was with Adobe in 2013. I contacted Adobe, that I receive emails to adobe@catchall and if there was any data breach. Adobe never responds to my E-Mail.… Read more


That is only the Article about the Launch of the Email data Breach Report.… Read more